Commonly Used Spanish Antonyms and Opposite Words

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  • Luis Ronson
  • 10 Feb, 2024
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Spanish antonyms(antónimos) express the opposite of a word. It’s like a word’s counterpart, expressing the opposite idea or concept. Spanish in Opposites are used to increase the fluency of the sentence and avoid using the same words again.

What are Spanish Antonyms?

Antonyms are words with different or opposing meanings that are found everywhere in speech, including nouns, adjectives, adverbs, and prepositions. As an example of Spanish antonyms, let’s look at the word “Feliz”. The antonym of the word “Feliz” is “Triste”. These words are always used as opposites or antonyms. If we are talking about a person’s happiness we use the word “Feliz” if we are talking about his sadness we use the word “Triste”. The main idea of antonyms is to know the opposite of the word used.

What are the Types of Antonyms?

There are 5 types of antonyms;

  1. Gradable Antonyms
  2. Complementary Antonyms (Complementarios)
  3. Relational Antonyms (Relacionales)
  4. Converses Antonyms
  5. Auto – Antonyms (Autoantónimos)

Most Used Spanish Antonyms List

Learn various antonyms for the most commonly used words of Spanish.

SpanishEnglish Spanish(Opposite)English(Opposite)
Arriba Down Abajo Up
Grande Small Pequeño Big
Largo Short Corto Long
Alto Short (in height) Bajo Tall
Rápido Slow Lento Fast
Nuevo Old Viejo New
Caliente Cold Frío Hot
Adelante Backward Atrás Forward
Duro Soft Blando Hard
Claro Dark Oscuro Light/Clear
Bonito Ugly Feo Pretty
Limpiar  Dirty Sucio Clean
Feliz Sad Triste Happy
Bueno Bad Malo Good
Blanco Black Negro White

Recommended Tools/Websites for Finding Spanish Antonyms

Tools and websites you can use to find Spanish antonyms are listed below;

  • WordReference: It offers a wide range of antonyms for Spanish words.
  • SpanishDict: It provides translations, definitions, and examples, along with a feature to find antonyms for Spanish words.
  • Linguee: While it may not explicitly list antonyms, it can help you understand how words are used in different contexts, which can indirectly lead to identifying antonyms.
  • Diccionario de la Real Academia Española (DRAE): The official website of the Royal Spanish Academy offers the most authoritative Spanish dictionary, which includes antonyms for many Spanish words.
  • offers synonyms and antonyms for words in various languages, including Spanish.
  • Google Translate: Google Translate can be used to find antonyms for Spanish words by entering the word and then selecting the antonym option. While not always perfect, it can provide some useful suggestions.

What are Spanish Synonyms?

Spanish Synonyms(sinónimo) allow you to express a phrase with the same meaning using different words.  Spanish synonyms can increase the fluency and variety of a sentence or paragraph. 

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