How to Talk About Phobias in Spanish?

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phobias in spanish
  • Luis Ronson
  • 18 Feb, 2024
  • 3 Mins Read

Phobias are a type of anxiety disorder characterized by an intense and irrational fear of specific objects, situations, or activities. These fears go beyond the average level of apprehension and can cause extreme distress and avoidance behaviors. Spanish phobias(las fobias) are a disorder of irrational fear and anxiety towards a situation.

There are common words you need to know to talk about phobias in Spanish. Explaining your phobias in Spanish will improve your quality of life and help you find the proper support.

Basic Spanish Phrases for Phobias

Basic Spanish Phrases for Phobias are listed below.

Introducing your phobia:

  • Tengo fobia a: I have a phobia of…
  • Sufro de fobia a: I suffer from a phobia of…
  • Me asusta mucho: I’m terrified of…
  • Me da pánico: I get panic attacks about…

Describing your fear:

  • Me pone muy nervioso/nerviosa: It makes me very nervous
  • Me da mucho miedo: I’m very afraid of…
  • Me siento muy ansioso/ansiosa: I feel very anxious
  • No lo soporto: I can’t stand it
  • Me da repulsión: I feel repulsed by it

List of Phobias in Spanish

Phobias are divided into three main groups according to their symptoms. Phobias also refer to genetic or acquired sudden traumatic behaviors. Phobias are categorized below according to their symptoms.

  1. Emotional Phobia
  2. Cognitive Phobia
  3. Physical Phobia

The words you need to know to pronounce your phobias in Spanish are listed in the table below.

English PhobiasSpanish Phobias
Acropfobiafobia a las alturas
Agorafobiafobia a los espacios abiertos
Algofobiafobia al dolor
Antropofobiafobia a las personas
Apifobiafobia a alas abejas
Aracnofobiafobia a las arañas
Autofobiafobia a la soledad o a sí mismo
Catagenelofobiafobia al ridículo
Claustrofobiafobia a los espacios cerrados
Coulrofobiafobia a los payasos
Dentofobiafobia al dentista
Enoclofobiafobia a las multitudes
Hemofobiafobia a la sangre
Hidrofobiafobia al agua
Ligofobiafobia a la oscuridad
Necrofobiafobia a la muerte
Ofidiofobiafobia a las serpientes
Selacofonbiafobia a los tiburones
Tremofobiafobia a los temblores o terremotos
Tripanofobiafobia a las inyecciones
Surifobiafobia a los ratones
Zoofobiafobia a los animales


Talking About Your Phobias in Spanish

Some phrases you can use to talk about your phobia in Spanish are shown below.

Introducing your phobia:

  • Tengo una fobia a… (I have a phobia of…)
  • Sufro de…fobia (I suffer from …phobia)
  • Me da miedo… (I am scared of…)

Describing your fear:

  • Me pone muy nervioso/nerviosa (It makes me very nervous)
  • Me da pánico (It gives me panic)
  • Me siento muy ansioso/ansiosa (I feel very anxious)
  • Me dan ataques de ansiedad (I get anxiety attacks)

Explaining the effects of your phobia:

  • No puedo… (I cannot…)
  • Me siento paralizado/paralizada (I feel paralyzed)
  • Me mareo (I feel dizzy)
  • Me dan náuseas (I feel nauseous)
  • Tengo sudores fríos (I have cold sweats)

Sharing your feelings:

  • Es muy difícil para mí (It is very difficult for me)
  • Me siento muy solo/sola (I feel very alone)
  • Me avergüenzo de mi fobia (I am ashamed of my phobia)
  • Me gustaría superar mi fobia (I would like to overcome my phobia)

Asking for help:

  • ¿Me puedes ayudar? (Can you help me?)
  • ¿Hay algo que pueda hacer para superar mi fobia? (Is there anything I can do to overcome my phobia?)
  • ¿Me puedes recomendar un terapeuta? (Can you recommend a therapist?)

Example Sentences About Phobias in Spanish


  • Tengo una fobia a las arañas. Me da pánico verlas y me pongo muy nervioso cuando están cerca de mí. (I have a phobia of spiders. I get panic attacks when I see them and I get very nervous when they are near me.)
  • Sufro de claustrofobia. No puedo estar en lugares cerrados por mucho tiempo. Me siento paralizado y me da mareo. (I suffer from claustrophobia. I cannot be in closed spaces for a long time. I feel paralyzed and dizzy.)
  • Me gustaría superar mi fobia a las alturas. Es muy difícil para mí disfrutar de las cosas que me gustan, como viajar en avión o subir a montañas. (I would like to overcome my fear of heights. It is very difficult for me to enjoy things I like, such as traveling by plane or climbing mountains.)

What are Hobbies?

In Spanish, hobbies are entertaining activities a person enjoys and does voluntarily. It’s fun to talk about your hobbies during the day. You need to know certain formulaic words to express your hobbies in Spanish.

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